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Turkish Language

The Basics Alphabet - Pronunciation The Numbers Basic Grammar and Syntax Rules Singular vs Plural The Turkish Keyboard Why Learn Turkish A Quiz on Turkish Language Vocabulary Word Groups Cross Link Exercises Multiple Choice Exercises e - Dictation Picture Vocabulary Test Hangman Game The Language of Young People List of Synonyms in Turkish Synonyms in Turkish - Exercise Useful Phrases General Phrases Language Test for Beginners Travelling Shopping Medical and Health Issues Work Descriptions Cooking and Recipes Tongue Twisters Phrase Puzzles Level 1 Level 2 Find the words Language Issues The Date Learning Activity Vocabulary Exercise Exercise - Fill in the Date Exercise - Fill in the Year Revision Exercise The Time Learning Activity Examples with Sound Multiple Choice Exercise Word Endings / Suffixes Words Ending in -li, -siz, -lik The Suffix -ki Words Ending in -ci, -ici, -ce Other Word Endings The Indirect Speech Theory and Examples Multiple Choice Exercise Changing Verbs into Indirect Speech Punctuation Theory and Examples Exercise on Punctuation Marks Writing an Essay Presentation Multiple Choice Exercise Live Practice Listening Exercises Find the mistakes in lyrics Turkish Newspapers - Social Life Live Turkish TV Live Turkish Radio Listening with Subtitles Learning with Elementary Videos Apps for Android Smartphones Certificates Diplomas

Turkish Grammar

Verbs Verb Conjugation Conjugate any Verb Pronunciation - Video Examples How to use the Tenses - Phrases Learn with Examples Multiple Choice Exercise Fill in the Right Type Fill in the Endings Verbs - Vocabulary Learning Turkish Verbs Multiple Choice Exercise Cross Link Exercise Dictation What are they Doing? - Lesson with Sound What are they Doing? - Exercise Causative Verbs Learning Activity Examples with Sound Formation Exercise Vocabulary Exercise Verbs with Cases Examples with Sound Exercise for Beginners Multiple Choice Exercise Same or Different Subject? Verbs of Necessity Learning Activity Examples with Sound Multiple Choice Exercise Potential Verbs - Bilmek Learning Activity Examples with Sound Multiple Choice Exercise Passive Voice Learning Activity Examples with Sound Multiple Choice Exercise Special Forms of Verbs Revision Exercises Auxiliary Verbs The verb TO BE Learning Activity Examples with Sound He/She is There - Exercise Affirmative - Exercises Question - Exercises The verb TO HAVE Learning Activity Examples with Sound Exercises Etmek vs Yapmak Presentation Exercise Var and Yok - THERE IS Nouns Singular - Plural Learning Activity Multiple Choice Exercise Noun Cases Learning Activity Fill in Exercise Noun Compounds - Tamlamalar Learning Activity Compounds Fill in Exercise Compound Cases Fill in Exercise Possessives Learning Activity Fill in Exercise Tamlamalar vs Possessives Presentation Multiple Choice Exercise Use Noun Cases Correctly Adjectives Opposite Adjectives Presentation Exercise Intensive Adjectives Formation Examples with Sound Multiple Choice Exercise Comparative and Superlative Form Revision Exercise Adverbs Groups of Adverbs Presentation Examples with Sound Exercise Relative Positions Presentation Text Exercise Audio Visual Exercise Revision Exercise Before, After - Once, Sonra Learning Activity Multiple Choice Exercise Revision exercises Exercise on Interrogative Adverbs Participles & Gerunds dik/ecek Participles Other Participles Multiple Choice Exercise Pronouns Learning the Pronouns Revision Exercise Conjunctions Examples with Sound Keywords Vocabulary Exercise

Culture - Society

Turkish Names Male and Female Names Presentation Multiple Choice Exercise Addressing people Theory Exercise Affectionate & Diminutive Suffixes Formation - Examples Multiple Choice Exercise Culture - Tradition Famous Turkish Painters & Paintings Traditional Dresses Cultural quizzes Quiz on Turkish Cuisine Quiz on Turkish Folk Dances Quiz on Turkish Society & Culture Quiz on Turkish Football Common Turkish-Greek Songs New and Modern Popular - Mid 20th Century Old and Traditional International Hits Proverbs Presentation Proverbs Puzzle Ottoman Empire Society - Titles Presentation Exercise Quiz on Suleiman the Magnificent Geography of Turkey Map Quiz Game Turkey in 10 Questions Istanbul in 10 Questions Photo Quiz on Turkey


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